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Myke Towers
Sat Nov 11th, 2023

Myke Towers La Vida Es Una Tour

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Myke Towers worships a good rhyme. Over the past decade, the acclaimed rapper and singer has
grown into one of Puerto Rico’s top lyricists, melding streetwise storytelling and massive pop
hooks into a career filled with charttopping anthems. Towers is one of the OGs of Latin trap,
breaking out in 2013 alongside rookie visionaries such as Álvaro Díaz and Fuete Billete, who
channeled the irreverence and visceral songwriting of classic reggaetón with fresh flows echoing
Atlanta trap. Hits like “La Curiosidad” and “Bandido” cemented Towers as one of the allstars of
música urbana, even earning him the nickname of Young King. Yet despite multiple Latin
Grammy nominations and blockbuster crossovers with some of the industry’s biggest names,
Myke Towers still feels like his story is just beginning.

“I’m a regular kid from Puerto Rico who always dreamed of making music,” says Towers, who
was born in 1994 by the name of Michael Torres. Hailing from the neighborhood of Caimito, in
San Juan, the young Towers was raised in a family where music was a safe and nourishing
constant. “We always listened to salsa, boleros, and Puerto Rican folk music, so I’ve held a deep
respect for music all my life. If I wasn’t a singer I don’t know what I would be doing.”

At 18 years old, Myke Towers began uploading his first freestyles and experiments to
SoundCloud, where word quickly spread about the new Boricua rap talent to watch. He released
his first mixtape El Final del Principio in 2016; an impressively mature record of
autobiographical lyrics and boombap beats that invoked classic rap. Three years later, his efforts
led him to collaborate with Farruko on the hit single “Si Se Da,” reuniting the following year for
the viral remix of “La Playa,” which also featured a verse from Maluma. These songs were a
turning point in Towers’ career, as he reached broader audiences and embraced a more
commercial sound that launched him into the stratosphere.

“Those songs made people look at me not only as a rapper but as an artist,” he remembers.
“[Working with Farruko] was like receiving an invitation to a really important party, and of
course I accepted.”

In 2020 Towers released Easy Money Baby, an LP that expanded his sonic palette even further
with blasts of reggaetón, dancehall, and baile funk on hits like “Diosa” and “Girl.” That same
year, collaborations with Bad Bunny, Nicky Jam, Camila Cabello, Becky G and Anitta cemented
him as one of the leading names in mainstream reggaetón, though his heart yearned for a return
to his rap roots. Lyke Mike arrived in 2021, loaded with introspective bars and throbbing trap and
drill beats. Cuts like “Mírenme Ahora” and “Pin Pin” showcased Towers at the top of his
songwriting game, remaining true to his artistic vision and complex narratives without relying on
catchy pop choruses.

“Collaborations are important to help you grow, but I also need to make personal music to
unburden myself. The type of music you don’t care if it’s a hit or not,” he says. “[Lyke Mike] is a
guide for rappers on the comeup, or anyone out there chasing a dream. That type of music is a
part of me and when I go too long without releasing anything in that style, even my fans start
asking for it.”

Having satisfied his MC’s calling, Myke Towers returns to euphoric pop on his upcoming album.
The first single, “Ande Con Quien Ande” with Jhay Cortez is a hardgrinding reggaetón banger
designed for dance floor throwdowns. The new record also sources fresh global sounds including
Afrobeats and electropop, perfected in the studio with the help of elite producers such as Tainy
and Russivn.

“This is the kind of album you play from start to finish and don’t skip a single song,” says
Towers excitedly. “I’m in the studio every single day and I like to challenge myself and play with
new rhythms. I’m at my peak and working with people bringing new colors and flavors to the
table. The record is inspired by those times we feel like we’re wasting our time chasing what we
want. But you get one life and we have to enjoy every second of it.

Door Time: 7:00 pm

Event Time: 8:00 pm